Latest Project Ara prototype will feature top tier specs

Latest Project Ara prototype will feature top tier specsGoogle’s Project ARA is probably one of the most exciting concepts that’s finally going to materialize in 2015. The company has already laid out a schedule for the release of the first set of project ARA phones in the market and if everything goes according to the plan, we will soon see Project ARA in action by the second half of the year.

Today, the company is holding its second Project ARA developer’s conference (the first one was held last year) in Mountain View. The company will reportedly give out more details about the modular phones in development, and recent reports indicate that a live model in action will be available for testing later this year. Unfortunately, the said live model would only be available in Puerto Rico. Yes, it looks like Google will unveil the first modular phone in the country in partnership with OpenMobile and Claro carriers.

The idea remains the same. Users will be able to swap out the components inside their devices with better ones as and when they require. These customization options will be available via the Ara marketplace and the Ara configurators apps. It is also being said that Google will first showcase these devices in the country so that people can check it out and feel how everything works before they go out and buy one. There should be at least 10 to 20 Ara modules available for launch in 10 different categories.

Google’s Project Ara prototype has come a long way from just the basic specs. At the developer’s conference today, the company said that the latest Project Ara modular smartphone prototype can stand toe to toe with a top tier smartphone of today’s standards. The new prototype also brings in a lot of upgrades and improvements. It features an all day long battery life, supports high end camera and even 4G LTE, a significant upgrade from the 3G only prototypes available today.

There’s another important upgrade made on the latest prototype. The new phones come with the electro-permanent magnets on the endoskeleton itself which leaves greater room for third party module makers to squeeze in functionality on these components.

Overall, it looks like Google’s Project Ara team has made great progress in the last few months. Remember, back in June, the company had a hard time booting up the device? So, a working prototype with these additional upgrades definitely shows promise.

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