Kuwait Parents Sentenced To Death For Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter

This is the flat in Kuwait City where Isra was tortured and murdered by her parents. Photo Credits: Twitter/Gulf_News

A shocking case involving drug addict parents and the subsequent torture and death of their child is gripping headlines. A Kuwaiti court has sentenced the father and mother, 26 and 23-years old respectively, to death by hanging. Their victim was their own daughter, 3-year old Isra. Authorities arrested the two convicted murderers in May 2016.

Salem Bouhan, Isra’s father, burned his daughter with hot water. He also beat her with electrical wire in front of Amira Hussein, the mother, and their other children. Authorities confirmed that Salem was high when he beat his daughter to death. Reportedly, had become annoyed with their daughter’s constant crying. After beating her, he noticed that her state had begun to deteriorate. At this point, he rushed to a pharmacy and purchased medications. It was too late.

Instead of bringing Isra’s body to the hospital, he instead bought a freezer and stuffed her body in it. As Amira, the mother, would not stay in the same flat as the decomposing body, they moved locations. The couple has three more children in addition to Isra, Gulf News Kuwait reported.

Amira complained that their new location was too hot. Salem then brought what remained of his family in his mother’s flat. He lied to his mother, saying Isra was sick and in the hospital. Then, authorities received an anonymous tip about a murder in the Salmiya area of Kuwait City. It was then that police searched the flat of Salem and Amira and found Isra’s frozen body. Forensics confirmed burn marks in the girl’s shoulders and feet. Her body also showed healed torture marks.

According to investigators, the couple was completely negligent in the upbringing of their children. They had a messy and disorganized flat, and were in no proper state to care for the children as they were high all the time. Salem was previously terminated from his job for misconduct. Also, Kuwait has traditionally carried out executions by hanging. The last hanging, however, was carried out in 2007 though dozens of men and women remain on death row. The verdict is not yet final as the case can still be challenged in the Court of Appeals and then at the Court of Cassation.

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