Kickstarter backers of Oculus Rift express concerns over Facebook’s acquisition of the company

Yesterday, Facebook managed to surprise everyone by acquiring Oculus VR. It’s the same company that is working on a virtual reality product called Oculus Rift, which has gained much attention since its initial kickstarter campaign was a success.

Over the years, Oculus Rift has transformed into a consumer ready product, with notable improvements in technology and experience. But with Facebook’s acquisition of the company, there’s just two roads ahead, either Oculus is going to be one of the top VR products in the market or it will go downhill from here.

While many say that the acquisition would give Oculus the boost that it always needed in terms of technology and investment, the original kickstarter backers of the project are not happy. Many have turned to the  Kicstarter comment page to express their disappointment over the purchase.

Some of the comments on the page read, “I supported this because it’s something that I’ve wanted to see become a reality since I read my first William Gibson novel. Now I find out that I might as well have handed my money right to Facebook and I feel a little sick. Enjoy your payday I guess. Please forward me an address so I can return my T-Shirt.”

“You selling out to Facebook is a disgrace. It damages not only your reputation, but the whole of crowdfunding. I cannot put into words how betrayed I feel by this.”

Most of the backers are not happy with the deal, which could potentially damage the reputation of the company. But there are some backers who are looking at the positive aspect.

For example, a user says, “I am not sure why everyone’s so upset. Facebook is going to increase resources available to oculus. It’s just silly to think it’s going to become an advertising platform. Facebook is smart they saw the future, just like the rest of us here and bought it for 2 billion. They got a bargain.”

But still, majority of the comments on the page are negative, which means Oculus will have to do something to calm them down.

Palmer Lucky, the founder of Oculus tried his best to explain to the users that the deal was going to be positive for the company. He assures them that Oculus will remain independent of Facebook after its acquisition and users won’t have to use a Facebook account for using the device or playing a game. He also adds that the deal could help them reduce the price of it’s of products, which can be a good thing for customers.

He further says on reddit that he won’t change anything at Oculus and any change that will happen in the future will be for the better. In another reply, he adds that Facebook believes in what the company has been doing for all this time.

While Palmer’s words should be comforting for some users, it still does not change the fact that Facebook’s reputation has not been that great with its users. Reports about NSA snooping, privacy violations have many a times surfaced the internet which has damaged the reputation of the company. Also, Facebook is basically a social networking company and has nothing to do with gaming or virtual reality, which confuses a lot of users as to what the company is planning to do with this purchase.

Anyways, users won’t have to wait that long to see whether the purchase was for the better or worse. In the coming months, the company’s strategy could potentially decide the future of Oculus Rift.

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