Kalain: Turn Your Loved Ones Into Perfume

Perfumes are made from clothes soaked with odor

Smell and memories are very tightly woven together. A French perfume company is turning the smell of your dead loved ones into perfume, so you can bottle them up forever.

Katia Apalategui, a 52-year-old insurance salesperson, lost her father. Surprisingly, she somehow wanted to retain his scent as a memory. She got help from the Université du Havre who distilled the human scent for her.

Katia’s son now runs the company, which preserves memories of beloved ones by turning them into perfumes. Named Kalain, the company opened this month; a perfume costs $600 per bottle.

Though perfumes from dead people is a bit horrid to hear, the process isn’t the least gruesome. A cloth soaked with the smell of a human is all the company really needs; unique human odors are extracted and the molecules are reconstructed into perfume. After four days, the perfume is ready.

“Scents are the keys to memories and unlock strong emotions — good and bad. To unleash the adoring memories of a loved one is precious and powerful,” says John Jackson from Gynex Laboratories, a company that specializes in stimulating senses.

Studies have scientifically proven that our noses act as pathfinders that lead to specific memories. The smell of fresh baked bread might smell like home for some. Katia originally targeted the funeral market, but has also received demands from those looking to preserve happy memories.

Perfumes of missing dogs, ex-girlfriends and babies were also demanded, says she. These perfumes make unique gifts for memorable days like Valentine’s or wedding anniversaries.

Don’t you think an apartment smelling of your boyfriend is a great idea? Or would you still prefer hugging his pillows for a whiff of his smell? Let us know in the comments below.


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