Justice Dept. To Investigate FBI’s Take On Hillary Clinton Email Controversy

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/GQMagazine | FBI Directory James Comey will be investigated by the Justice Department’s inspector general Micheal E. Horowitz. Photo Credits: Twitter/GQMagazine

Too little, too late? The Justice Department’s inspector general said that his office will investigate FBI director James B. Comey over how he handled the Hillary Clinton email controversy. Included here are Comey’s decision to discuss the case at a news conference. And, perhaps most damning, was Comey’s decision to announce that he could reopen the case just 11 days before the elections.

Justice Department Versus FBI

Inspector general Michael E. Horowitz will not investigate the decision not to prosecute Mrs. Clinton. He will, however, review Mr. Comey’s actions that many Clinton supporters say stole the presidency from her. The actions referred to here include the July news conference where Comey described Clinton as “extremely careless.” Then, there was the letter sent to Congress in October where he announced uncovered emails that could change the election outcome. And lastly, there was the letter just three days before the elections where Comey said he is closing the investigation again.

Inspector general Michael E. Horowitz said that he will investigate this matter because of complaints by members of Congress and the general public. He said that Clinton’s supporters believe that Comey’s actions had been politically motivated. Clinton’s campaign also believe Comey’s allegations were out of proportion, seriously damaging Clinton’s chances at the White House, the New York Times said.

But according to insiders, Clinton’s camp is most disappointed with the two letters that Comey had sent out. As such, these letters prompted damaging news stories that quickly circulated online. Also, the email issue, which came up care of an unrelated case involving Anthony Weiner, estranged husband to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, proved to be useless in the end.

The FBI said they welcome Horowitz’s investigation. In fact, Comey described Horowitz as “professional and independent.” Horowitz will determine if Comey’s actions showed bad judgement. And, although the inspector general can recommend criminal investigations, there is no indication that they will indict Comey.

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