Jury awards $120m to Apple in the recent patent infringement trial with Samsung

Jury awards $120m to Apple in the recent patent infringement trial with SamsungApple takes the lead in the recent patent infringement trial between the Cupertino giant and Samsung as the jury awards $119.6 million in damages to the company. This is not a big win for the company as it was asking for $2.2 billion in damages from the South Korean giant. So, the amount awarded is very small as compared to the asked amount.

But according to Apple’s lawyers, the $120 million figure as given by the jury does not take into consideration the damages which resulted from infringing patent no. 172. So, the jury has scheduled further deliberations today, after which the figure may be increased to include the damages of this patent too.

Jury found Samsung guilty of infringing only two patents

The jury which largely consisted of ‘non-technical’ users of modern technology has given mixed verdict in the patent infringement trial. Only two of the five patents brought up in the trial has been infringed according to the jury. So, Samsung infringed on Apple’s data detection and auto-correction patents. But jury had mixed verdict on the slide to unlock patent. Also, it found Samsung not guilty of infringing the remaining two patents.

Not a Landslide Victory for Apple

Apple was asking for $2 billion in damages from Samsung in this trial but only got a small portion of the figure. About two years back, the jury awarded $1 billion to Apple for patent infringements, and Apple was looking for a similar figure, if not more after this trial.

But not only did the jury discard two of the five patents brought up in the trial, it also fined Apple for infringing two of Samsung’s patents which the South Korean giant had countersued over. But the jury did not find the violation to be willful and hence, Apple was asked to pay only $157,400 in damages.

Both the companies will most likely appeal the verdict, and will even request sales injunctions of the other party’s products.

That said, Apple seemed to be happy with the verdict.

“We are grateful to the jury and the court for their service,” said Apple’s spokesperson. “Today’s ruling reinforces what courts around the world have already found: That Samsung willfully stole our ideas and copied our products. We are fighting to defend the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone, which our employees devote their lives to designing and delivering for our customers.”

Judge Lucy Koh has asked the jury to clarify its verdict on one product today for which damages were not awarded. So, stay tuned for more coverage in the coming days.

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