Julian Assange Blasted By Fans For Not Being Transparent In Online Interview

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/CNN Lies & Is Hitler | Julian Assange is losing some of his fans over a failed interview. Photo Credit: Twitter/CNN Lies & Is Hitler

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, got bombarded with questions online.  The fans, however, found his answers unsatisfying.  Now, they are bashing Assange just because he did not disclose some information they wanted to hear.  Julian Assange sought asylum from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since five years ago.  

When Julian Assange went online into Reddit’s Ask Me anything forum, the netizens started to pile their questions at him all at once.  They gave the most popular questions a chance to get answered, so they placed them on top of the list.  But, to the netizen’s dismay, Julian Assange did not answer them.

Julian Assange interview: The questionable answers

The most notable questions referred to the WikiLeaks relationship with Russia.  They asked why it leaked Democratic Party emails during the election period.  But, as the netizens waited for answers, they received none.  One online user said that they are not satisfied with Assange’s answers.  This is because Assange became famous for vouching for transparency and openness, reports The Register.  

The Ask Me anything session was also a unique one because Assange communicated and answered their questions through a video and not the usual typed answers.  Assange was able to get his message through for an hour and pretty much answered most of the questions.  But, they were brief responses.  He also assured everyone that he is not dead, contrary to what others believed.

The Guardian, meanwhile, wrote an article about Assange making false comments.  They claimed that Assange praised Trump and blasted Clinton in an interview.  They also wrote that Assange has a close connection with the Putin regime, which are all completely false.  The newspaper wrote these articles to malign and character-assassinate Assange, according to The Intercept.  Julian Assange sacrificed his private and public life for disclosing those emails.  Let’s just hope he made the right choice.

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