Joe Biden Awarded With The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/The White House | President Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to VP Biden. Photo Credit: Twitter/The White House

President Barack Obama paid tribute to his second-in-command and one of his closest friends yesterday.  Supporters filled the White House.  The tribute was playful but heartfelt.  President Obama awarded Vice President Joe Biden with The Presidential Medal of Freedom.  VP Biden could not control his tears, as he turned his back to the audience and wiped his tears.

Biden did not expect to be given such a high award.  He thought that they will just say their goodbyes to each other, have a simple toast, and just to say that their journey together was in incredible one.  He really thought wrong.  Biden did not even think he deserved the award.

Presidential Medal of Freedom:  Everything you need to know

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is America’s highest civilian honor.  This award is only given to those who have contributed to the security and national interest of the United States.  But not only of the country, also to world peace and significant cultural endeavors.

The basis of the award is President Truman’s Medal of Freedom.  Truman gave these medals honor civilian service during World War II.  President Kennedy established the award we know now in 1963.

President Barack Obama has given the most number of the Presidential Medal of Freedom with 123.  nest if President Ronald Raegan with 102.  Among those who have received the award for film are Barbra Streisand and Meryl Streep.  Stevie Wonder received his award, in 2015, for music.  Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres received their awards for television.

President Obama gave the with distinction.  This is an additional level of veneration, explains CNN.  Only three others received this: Pope John paul II, President Ronald Raegan, and Gen. Colin Powell. Biden helped President Obama in his move to lift the recession when he first sat in office.  It was also Biden who encouraged Obama to send Navy SEALS to capture Osama bin Laden back in 2011.

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