It’s Now Official: Christian Bale Plays Steve Jobs in New Movie

It’s Now Official: Christian Bale Plays Steve Jobs in New MovieAfter quite some time, it is now official. Christian Bale would soon wear a turtleneck and put on a pair of round eye glasses for his latest movie. His role would be very important as he would depict the late iconic Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs.

The movie’s screen player Aaron Sorkin made the revelation to a media organization this week. He disclosed that the Welsh actor was handpicked for the role. The Hollywood award-winning actor did not have to audition for the much coveted part in the upcoming biopic of Jobs.

Bale in the lead role

In his own words, Sorkin simply explained that during the time that their team was selecting an actor for the lead role, they settled for nothing but the best actor to possibly take the role. He reiterated that Bale was in the perfect category in terms of age range, physical features, and overall personality.

It can be recalled that the former Batman actor was Sony’s original pick to play Jobs for the biopic. However, according to sources, Bale begged off when he learned that the original director of the planned movie (David Fincher) ditched the project earlier in the year.

Other options explored

For a while, there were speculations that Leonardo DiCaprio was being considered to take the role. But then, DiCaprio reportedly also begged off. That was when Sony  supposedly re-considered to convince Bale to take the challenge.

Other Hollywood actors who were reportedly considered for the role included Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck, who ironically would be the new Batman in another upcoming superhero movie. As of press time, the producers of this planned project are yet to make any disclosure about other stars who would join Bale in the cast.

According to Sorkin, it would be a real challenge to take this important role. That is because Bale would have to deliver thrice more dialogues than if he would do three movies
put together. In fact, there would not be any scene or any frame that the actor would not appear in the entire motion picture. Sorkin expressed his confidence that Bale would nail it.

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