Italy Rocked By Another Earthquake

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Global Montreale | Montreale was again struck by an earthquake, just months after ne killed more than 200. Photo Credit: Twitter/Global Montreale

The quiet town of Montreale in Italy got hit by by an earthquake.  The quake recurred three more times in the last four hours on Wednesday, and resulted in one casualty.  The quake also brought fear to the residents of the nearby snow-covered mountains in the area.  The quake reportedly measured 4.8 to 5.7 according seismologists.  The epicenter is in Montreale, l’Aquila Province, which is 90 meters northeast of Rome.  It also struck Amatrice, which was close by.  Last year, an earthquake also devastated the mountain town, resulting in 300 casualties in August.

The local authorities discovered the body of an earthquake victim under a pile of debris.  It was in the town of Castel Castagna, in the province of Teramo, reports Yahoo News.   Isolated residents feared for their lives.  Freezing temperatures and the lack of electricity added to the dismal situation.  About 130,000 homes have no electricity.  A mother and child got rescued from a pile of rubble, too, near Teramo.  They were both suffering from hypothermia due to freezing temperatures.  

Personal stories of the earthquake’s aftermath

Also, Fabio di Gianfrancesco drove from Rome to visit some of his old relatives in Aringo.  But, according to him, they got trapped in the snow-covered house.  He had some help getting his relatives out of the house.  They also helped 10 other residents trapped inside their houses, as well.  The bell tower of Saint Augustine has also reportedly collapsed.  It was already in a bad state after the previous earthquake happened in August 24.

The mayor of Teramo has spoken.  He said that they are on their own as aid.  Rescue operations find it difficult to reach their small town due to a thick blanket of snow, reports Earthquake-Report.  The mayor also reported that there are no other injuries among the residents and casualties.  And that the damages incurred were already a result of the previous earthquake that happened in August last year.    

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