Italy Earthquake 2016 Hits Twice With 6.1 Magnitude After Deadly August Quake

A CNN reporter catches the collapse of the building while doing a live report. (Photo credit: Screen grab from CNN Video)

The Italy earthquake 2016 continues to be a headline-grabbing topic after the deadly August quake. The earthquake which occurred in August took almost 300 lives. Just barely two months after the incident, two earthquakes hit the nearby town and destroyed buildings.

On Wednesday, October 26, two earthquakes hit central Italy. The first earthquake had a 5.5 magnitude while the second one had a 6.1 magnitude. The quakes were strong enough to knock out power and crumble buildings. The residents ran out to the rainy streets due to the fear of another deadly earthquake.

The first quake hit at around 7 pm on Italy (1pm ET) between Macerata and Perugia. The second tremor was felt two miles north of Visso. Visso is only 170 km northeast from Rome and 80 km north of Amatrice, the town that lost 270 people after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit last August 24. Aside from the 270 residents, 20 more people were killed during the August earthquake in nearby areas.

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City officials described the two quakes as apocalyptic. Many houses collapsed while a church’s facade collapsed as well. People were heard screaming on the streets and their power was knocked out. The places hit by the earthquake have no electricity as of the moment.

Italy Earthquake 2016

A building crumbled after the August 2016 earthquake hit Italy. (Photo credit: @NewsThisSecond Twitter)

The media personnel going to Visso saw a large boulder blocking the way. The people stayed in their cars and waited for help to reach them. As the fear for another aftershock rises, people also have to battle the heavy rain.

The residents hit by the two consecutive quakes are waiting for the Civil Protection Department to bring light towers. There have been no reported casualties but authorities say they are still in the dark due to the heavy downpour and no electricity.

The quakes were also felt in Rome although not as strongly as at the center of the earthquake. The two tremors on Wednesday are aftershocks of the Italy earthquake 2016 last August. Experts say that even after two months, it is normal that strong tremors will still be felt around the area of the first big quake.

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