Istanbul Nightclub Attack: Turkish Authorities Arrest 2 Foreigners

Two Foreign Nationals Detained at #Istanbul Airport Image from Twitter/CodeAud

Turkish authorities have arrested two foreigners in relation to the Istanbul nightclub attack. The assault during the New Year’s Day celebration killed 39 people. The authorities detained the foreigners at the Ataturk airport on Tuesday. But, the details about their nationality are not yet available. Turkish authorities have arrested 16 people so far as a part of the investigation into the nightclub attack. But, the gunman responsible for the attack is still on the loose.

Meanwhile, police released a video on Monday. The selfie video shows the suspect in a market. No detail about the identity of the suspect is available. According to Flashpoint, a pro-ISIS Telegram account posted the selfie video first. The US company, which tracks cyber threats and terrorist activities online, says this proves that the suspect has direct connections with the terrorist organization. It told CNN that the suspect might have shared the video with ISIS.

Initially, no organization claimed the responsibility for the Istanbul nightclub attack. But, ISIS came forward to claim the responsibility for the attack later on. It posted a statement on social media and claimed to have carried out the first terrorist attack in 2017.

“In continuation of the blessed operations which ISIS carries out against Turkey, a soldier of the brave caliphate attacked one of the most popular nightclubs while Christians were celebrating their holiday,” the statement says. According to the extremist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a call and apparently asked to carry out the attack in the Istanbul nightclub.

But, it does not clarify if it has a direct link with the attack or it plays an indirect role to inspire the attacker. Additionally, ISIS has not revealed the identity of the attacker, which is unusual in accordance with its standard practice. According to Prime Source, ISIS has indicated that it is going for an “open war” with Turkey. The Sunday attack proves that, the Middle East-based consultancy says. According to NBC News, Turkey has the second-largest military among NATO members.

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