Israel Upgrades Ballistic Missile Shield For High Altitude Shoot-Downs

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Israel’s Arrow 3 system, which is capable of destroying missiles in the outer space, is now operational. The first Arrow 3 missile is delivered to the country’s air force. This many believe takes Israel’s defense into a “new age.” This is because the Arrow 3 system is by far the most advanced in the world. US and Israel jointly developed the system. The Israel Missile Defense Organization and the US Missile Defense Agency managed the program. Israel Aerospace Industries was the main contractor and US’ Boeing Co was the subcontractor.

The induction of Arrow 3 missiles helps Israel to improve its missile defense system, which already comprises of Arrow 2. However, Arrow 2 interceptors can intercept missiles high and low within the atmosphere. In contrast,  Arrow 3 can destroy missiles in the outer space. Simply put, Arrow 3 missiles have the capabilities to fly into space. This is where their warheads separate to become “kamikaze” satellites. These Kamikaze satellites can track and destroy their targets in high altitude.

Arrow 3 and Israel Arrow Weapon System

An article in Reuters states that with Arrow 3, Israel can now stop any nuclear, biological or chemical missiles that might be making way towards the country. Together Arrow 3 and Arrow 2, Israel’s Arrow Weapon System can now reduce the possibilities of ballistic missiles hitting the country. According to a report in The Times Of Israel, Arrow 3 is now a component of Israel’s a “multi-layered missile defense system.” The system protects the country and its people from short-, medium- and long-range attacks. While on one hand, the Iron Dome destroys short-range missiles, David’s Sling works against medium-range ones.

Arrow 2 intercepts missiles high and low in the atmosphere and Arrow 3 has a longer range and higher altitude capabilities. Experts believe that this will help the country to reduce leakages— a situation where missiles went unintercepted. Development of Arrow 3 started in 2008, while testing began in 2013 states a Defense Update report. However, the program got delayed after a it failed testing in 2015. Despite the hurdles, the system’s delivery happened recently, which is approximately a year after its successful last test in 2015.

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