Iran Might Resume Nuclear Program, And It’ll Depend On Trump

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/HaifHanifEG | Iran might continue with the nuclear program. Photo Credit: Twitter/HaifHanifEG

Iran plans to carry on with its nuclear program.  But, the plan solely depends on the new United States President, Donald Trump.  Iran wants the President to honor the P5+1 agreement signed in July 2015.   The P5+1 agreement entails the P5 which is the countries such as China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, plus Germany.   It involves the six world powers joining together to negotiate with Iran in an effort to limit its nuclear activities by two-thirds.  Iran also agreed to stop its uranium enrichment

President Obama, on Monday, asked Trump to continue acknowledging the agreement.  Inability to do so would just give Iran enough reasons to continue pursuing its nuclear activities, reports RT.  Obama added that Trump is now responsible for the agreement and he is going to look at the facts.  Everyone hopes that the agreement would survive under the Trump administration.  

What Trump really thinks about the Iran nuclear program

When Trump campaigned, he criticized the Iran deal and promised to abandon it.  But, in his other campaigns, he would negotiate tougher compromises, according to the LA Times.  In some of his speeches, he emphasized how Iran can benefit from what he had in mind.  Trump also complained that the agreement only limited Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but not its ballistic missiles.  

The United States, however, provided different sanctions for the Iran’s ballistic missiles.  According to Mark Toner, spokesman of the State Department, the agreement is a success when it came to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  Trump’s advisers, on the other hand, find it imperative to look at the agreement once more.  

Before the inauguration Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, said that Trump could not cancel the deal independently.  Even though Trump thinks the agreement is the worst deal ever signed, he may not do much about it once he’s in the White House.

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