iPhone Users Tend to be More Loyal to Brand than Android Users—Study

iPhone Users Tend to be More Loyal to Brand than Android UsersUsers of iPhones love their smartphones more than users of Android devices love theirs. This is according to findings of a recent research conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). The study found that iPhone users tend to more loyal to the handset brand compared to Android users.

The study was conducted from July 2012 to June 2013. According to data gathered, up to 81% of iPhone users had bought a newer version of iPhone when they needed to replace their smartphones during the study period. Comparatively, only 68% of Android handset users opted to purchase another Android smartphone.

CIRP also concluded that more Android device users are switching to iPhone. During the research period, up to 20% of Android users switched to iPhone. In comparison, only 7% of iPhone users were converted to become Android users. Another interesting observation is that iPhone converts tend to stick to the brand longer once they get more used to it.

Possible reasons

Part of the limitations of the CIRP study is that it could not determine the exact reasons why smartphone users exhibit the behavior observed. But the research group’s analysts offered several possible and logical explanations for the results. So why do iPhone users tend to be more loyal to the brand?

First, loyalty could be based on familiarity and comfort in using the device. iPhone users may have the perception that the device is meeting their smartphone needs. They may also believe that the same platform would continue to deliver their requirements and expectations better than how others could do it.

Thus, for a loyal iOS device user, there is an ongoing perception that the new iPhone models would continue to bring about satisfying and impressive user experience. In comparison, for any loyal Android device user, there could be uncertainty over brand switching.

The disadvantage of more Android options

According to CIRP analysts, it is a disadvantage that Android is the operating system of more devices and brands. It is not surprising that loyalty to brand is not exhibited as strongly as in the case for iPhone users. Even the most loyal Android user would be subject to dilemma about what devices or brands to choose for a smartphone upgrade or replacement.

Android OS comes up with new flagship devices from various manufacturers every few months. For instance, in the past months, several smartphones were launched or were announced to be released: from Samsung Galaxy to Moto X to Nexus 4. Of course, it is a common knowledge that a new iPhone comes just once every year, except of course for this year when Apple Inc is expected to unveil two new iPhone models.

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