iPhone 6’s Sapphire display panel put to the test

iPhone 6 rumors have been going around on the internet since last year itself. However, as we inch closer towards the release window, we are seeing some new leaks and parts, which reveal some of the features of the upcoming device.

This time around, it was iPhone 6’s sapphire display that got into the hands of a famous YouTuber, Marques Brownlee. He is known for his quality tech reviews and made sure that the 4.7 inch Sapphire panel was put to extreme torture test.

Although it was just a 4.7 inch front panel made of Sapphire glass, it was enough to check whether the material lives up to its expectation. He tried to scratch the panel rigorously in order to see whether it did any harm and surprisingly, it didn’t. Even after the torturous scratch test, the panel remained clear. In fact, to prove his point, he placed it right in front of the camera and there were no visible scratch marks.

The scratch test was not just with your regular keys. When keys were not helping to damage the panel, he used a pocket knife to stab right into the glass. And to everyone’s surprise, even that didn’t do any harm. The panel was scratchless after all those tests, which could also mean that you won’t be seeing the (now) usual cracked iPhone screen problem in the upcoming models.

Marques also notes that the panel was quite flexible. He tried bending it to the point of breaking but couldn’t do so. In short, he wasn’t able to inflict any kind of damage on the screen.

However, this doesn’t mean that the device that ships with sapphire will be unbreakable. There are plenty of tests that Marques didn’t try, like the hammer test or the drop a rock on the screen test. Agreed that they are a bit extreme, however, there’s rumors about Sapphire being brittle and these tests would have given us an idea whether to its right or not.

Anyways, sapphire looks good and would be a great alternative to Corning’s Gorilla Glass. However, it’s still not clear whether Apple will integrate it into the upcoming iPhone 6. The new Apple phone is expected to sport a display greater than 5 inches, so this could be the smaller 4.7 inch sibling.

Given that there’s only about 2 months left for the official announcement, we are sure there will be new leaks and reports which will clear some of our doubts before the release.

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