iPhone 5S with gold casing leaked onto web

iphone-5s-gold-casingThe iPhone 5S is set to be the next in the series for Apple, taking after its younger brother the iPhone 5 in almost all ways. However, Apple may add a premium color option for some fancy buyers, to differentiate from black and white.

Gold may make its way onto the iPhone 5S, as shown in the new leaks from Macboutic, a French hardware fixer. The two tone back has not been completed fully, this means we cannot see the two colors on the top and bottom on the back of the iPhone 5S.

Internally the gold iPhone 5S will have the same functionality as the other color options. Apple should be adding the A7 chipset, 2GB of RAM for extra smooth multitasking, a 12MP camera with f/2.0 aperture and a slightly larger battery. The display, design and screen size will remain the same as they are on the iPhone 5.

The move by Apple to add a third color to the premium iPhone line comes as more companies choose to add different colors. Apple has previously pushed out the iPod line with multiple colors, but we believe these bright and light colors will be used by Apple for the iPhone 5C.

Apple will be hosting an event dedicated to the iPhone and iOS on September 10; this is set to release iOS7 after six Beta tests and the launch of the iPhone 5S is expected at the event. The iPhone 5C may be held back or shown in China, where Apple will focus the sales and marketing of the lower end device.

The iPhone 5S will naturally take the spot at the flagship for Apple, with the iPhone 5 sinking into the mid-range tier and the iPhone 5C coming as the low-end tier. This means we are likely to see the iPhone 5S come with 16GB of storage for $199 and the gold edition may cost a little extra.

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