iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 rear shell comparison

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5 rear shell comparisonThe iPhone 5S is set to be the new flagship from Apple, but like the two previous S models, it will not be a full redesign of the iPhone. Instead, we will see some differences, but the same design and display as the predecessor.

French website Nowhereelse has decided to look deep into the iPhone 5S and compare it to the iPhone 5, picking out small differences between the two smartphones to see what Apple is bringing to the table.

The first image shows the iPhone 5S logic board, with different screw holes and some differences on the components. Rumors on the internals say Apple will add the A7 chipset and 2GB of RAM for smoother multitasking, this is a step up from the A6 chipset and 1GB of RAM on the iPhone 5.

The front of the iPhone 5S will be a little different, with Apple adding a fingerprint sensor to the new iPhone. Instead of a concave design, Apple will create a sapphire-covered convex design for the home button, to fit the additional fingerprint sensor. This will not change the design of the home button, but internally the design will be asymmetrical.

Other small parts will be changed on the iPhone 5S, but nothing to really push the boat out. The S model is always designed to accommodate those coming from a two year contract on the previous S model, without pushing the boat out to make Apple users with a one year contract feel left behind.

In that sense, the only major difference is the fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will both get iOS7 installed and the iPhone 4S will get most the functionality, while the iPhone 5 will get all the functionality, apart from the fingerprint programs.

This makes an easy step for someone coming from the iPhone 4S to take, but a big leap for someone with one year still on their contract. Apple will launch the smartphone on September 10, with the iPhone 5C. It will then be released on October 25, alongside the iPhone 5C, for $199 on contract.

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