iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C new rumors following September 10 announcement

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C new rumors following September 10 announcementEver since AllThingsD dropped the bomb on the iPhone release date, all the major leakers in Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan have come out of their shells to show the new iPhones and detail all the new features.

This is obviously not a new iPhone, it is the S model. Apple looks to scrub out some mistakes on the S model and add some little changes to the phone, giving it a slight advantage. It is mostly used as a filler for two year contracts.

The iPhone 5S will come with the same design and display as the iPhone 5, but the Home button will be made from sapphire and the design will change a little to make room for the fingerprint sensor. It seems Apple will add the fingerprint sensor to the iPhone 5S only, meaning payments and security will only be available to those who buy the new model.

Apple will also bring a third color to the mix, for the first time on the iPhone. The iPhone 5S will have three color options, matte black, silver and gold. On the camera side, according to new rumors the iPhone 5S will have the same 8MP camera, but with f/2.0 aperture to allow more light in the photos.

As for the iPhone 5C, the new polycarbonate smartphone will come at the bottom of the iPhone line. This means Apple will drop the iPhone 4S from the store when the two phones arrive, the iPhone 5S will take the top charts at $199, the iPhone 5 will come mid-range at $99 and the iPhone 5C will be free on contract.

It is said to be a mix of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 specs, with a four-inch display, A6 chipset, 1GB of RAM, iOS7 and 8MP camera. The only major difference is the design, Apple will fill the line up with a huge set of colors, to match the iPod Touch.

According to recent rumors, Apple will sell both smartphones in every market but will push the iPhone 5C in developing markets. The iPhone 5S is apparently going to have low-yield rates for the first quarter, because of the fingerprint sensor, Apple will only be able to manufacturer about four million iPhone 5S units.

It is likely the iPhone 5S will sell out instantly, Apple gained over five million pre-orders for the iPhone 5 and while analysts will say Apple is dead, once the new iPhone hits, we doubt there will be enough stock to even fill the pre-orders.

Source: Cult of Mac

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