iPad Air 2 may feature A8X processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB memory

iPad Air 2 may feature A8X processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB memoryWe are just two days away from the official launch of the next generation iPad models and we already have a lot of new information about the upcoming devices. A few days back, we saw new pictures of the internal components of the device and today, we have a new image which is said to be the logic board for the new iPad Air 2.

Naturally, with the logic board showcased in the picture, we now know some important details about the upcoming device like the processor, RAM and the included internal flash storage. However, getting the information was not that easy as the image is quite low resolution and blur which made things worse when it was enhanced.

The first thing you’ll see on the logic board is the new A8X processor instead of the A8 found on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. This is a bit surprising given that Apple used the same processor clocked at higher speeds from the iPhone 5S on the iPad Air launched last year. So, we initially thought that Apple was going to follow the same strategy with its upcoming iPad Air 2.

However, the A8X processor could mean that the company may have bumped up the graphics on its new iPad. Except for the last year’s iPad Air, Apple used to fit in a hybrid version of its main processors with the letter ‘X’ in the end. The difference between the two was that the X version had much better graphics than the main version. So, it looks like Apple is shifting back to the same strategy it used with its fourth generation iPads.

Another interesting thing about the image is that the new iPad Air 2 could come with 2GB RAM. So this would be the first time an iPad comes with more than 1GB RAM. A 2GB ELPIDA chip would normally end with the character A and it looks like in the logic board, the chip has the letter A at the end. The image is quite fuzzy and we can’t really confirm that for sure, but it does look like an A.

With an increased RAM, Apple could integrate new multitasking options like split screen mode or even feature HD resolution Retina display.

Further, the image reveals a 16GB flash memory on the board, which probably means that this is the base version of the device. If the company follows the same strategy as its iPhone 6 models, then we might see three different storage variants namely, 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

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