iPad 5 rear shell leaked, same design as the iPad Mini

ipad-5As we have heard almost a dozen times, the iPad 5 will take on the same back design as the iPad Mini, with the thinner bezels and finer curved finish. This is a natural move Apple would make, to unify the iPad experience.

It has been almost a year since the iPad 4 and iPad Mini were unveiled and Apple is set to revamp the line once again. The iPad 5 will be a lighter, thinner and take the iPad Mini design, as it has been previously rumored.

The iPad Mini 2 may come with a retina display, sources are still unsure with some saying Apple will hold the retina display off until the iPad Mini 3. With the new Nexus 7 already packing a more impressive display, it may be time for Apple to up the ante, in order to stay on top with the display.

Apple is unlikely to launch the iPad and iPad Mini at the September 10 event, set to be the launch of the iPhone 5S and iOS7. The company is scheduled to hold two other events from September 10 to October 25, one could be the iPad event and the other would be a Mac, iPod and other hardware release event.

The iPad event may show a new iPad line, with the 12-inch model apparently being tested internally by Apple. This 12-inch iPad will be offered out as a real substitute to netbooks, with the possibility of a first party optional keyboard and stand, similar to the Windows Surface.

Apple will launch the 12-inch iPad as the optimal desktop solution, the 10-inch iPad as the thinner more beautiful version (MacBook Air) and the iPad Mini as the cheap smaller alternative. There will not be any price drops on the iPad line, according to analysts who peg Apple to keep the same price for the iPad Mini and offer a larger storage option for the iPad 5.

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