iOS 9: What’s New from Apple?

Apple iOS 9 now available

Apple has introduced the next generation of its mobile operating system, the iOS 9. Here are a few reasons why the new iOS 9 might be worth downloading.

Free Space

The new iOS 9 is 3.5x smaller than the previous iOS updates, which will give back users valuable storage space. The iOS 9 is 1.4 GB while the previous ones where around 4.58 GB.

Battery Life

The iOS 9 claims to have been embedded with power saving options that will give Apple users an hour of extra battery life. Also, a new Low Power Mode claims 3 hours of extra battery juices.

Apple iOS 9 now available

Apple iOS 9 now available

Multi Tasking for iPads

The new OS brings a touch of desktop style multi tasking to the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro.


The Virtual assistant, Siri, has been made more advanced by Apple now to support more natural commands with permissions granted for third party access. Users will soon get amazing different features associated with Siri.

Apple News

Apple News brings to users iPhone friendly online and offline versions of news content and claims to transform the way people browse the web.

Proactive Assistant

The Proactive Assistant is Apple’s take on Google Now and performs similar operations by aggregating content and information for you before you reach for them. Apple has made an extra promise that all the data collected thus will remain in your device and will not be shared with any third parties.

Hide Photos

The iOS 9 lets users hide as many of their private photos as they wish by just selecting them from the camera roll.

Settings Search

To make finding settings easier, the Settings section now has a search that will quickly filter out and dig the subsections for users.

Quick Reply

All Apple Apps now can use Quick reply features to send messages by pulling down on notifications from the top of screen.

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