Intel Corp Rebrands McAfee Security Products as Intel Security

Intel Corp Rebrands McAfee Security Products as Intel SecurityIntel Corp tried to steal thunder at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by making an important announcement. During the keynote presentation of the company’s chief executive officer Brian Krzanich, it was announced that the company is bidding goodbye to the McAfee security brand. But its user should not fret because it would just be rebranded and renamed as Intel Security.

The chip manufacturer said it expects the transition from McAfee brand to Intel Security to take about a year to complete. It reiterated that the new products to be introduced from now on from the unit would already be branded as Intel Security. It would take some time for the McAfee released products to be renamed and rebranded.

However, Intel clarified that the symbolic ‘shield’ would remain. That is because it represents the company’s core values of prioritizing security as well as protection. But it assured that the rebranding initiative would start immediately. Moreover, the McAfee unit, now Intel Security unit, would continue to operate and live on as a fully owned subsidiary.

Intel and McAfee

It is not surprising that Intel did not give any specific reason for its decision to rebrand the popular security brand. But most industry observers think that it has to do with the company’s stand to sever ties and defer association with the unit’s controversial founder, John McAfee.

Intel bought the McAfee brand in 2010. It invested $7.68 billion for the acquisition. Since the transaction, the chip maker has started the integration of the PC security’s reliable technology into its own hardware manufacturing projects. Thus, many Intel products now come with built-in McAfee protection. The company also decided to continue selling McAfee software as a separate solution for PCs in the market.

John McAfee

The last few years served as a tipping point for Intel’s decision to shed off McAfee brand. The technology firm surely aims to disassociate its subsidiary from its founder who has been facing controversial legal issues and has been figuring in a number of unlikely rumors due to his supposed erratic behavior.

Just recently, John McAfee released a controversial bizarre video where he denounces the anti-virus software he invented. In that odd video, he merely asked PC users to simply remove McAfee security from their machines by using bath salts or firing several bullets into their computers.

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