Instant Checkmate: Background Checks Made Easy

Just a name is enough to dig out anyone’s past|

Scary dark details from the past cannot lurk around in secret anymore. A website called the Instant Checkmate is a nightmare for some and a holy grail for others. Scoops of information on millions of Americans are now out in the open for anyone to see.

Just a simple name search of anyone you know pulls out hoards of information. Addresses, phone numbers, previous arrest records, criminal convictions and even traffic tickets are there for anyone to see.

To the dismay of many, anybody can search information about any number of persons to get real-time, highly detailed summaries. Life changing information like estimate income levels, previous places of residence and even an approximate satellite image of the area you live in show up in the search results.

There is no such thing called online privacy

There is no such thing called online privacy

Marriage and divorce records are public here too – but that might make others go out of their minds. The biggest alarming factor of the site is just the same as its upside: you can very easily identify crooked fanatics in your acquaintances, yet at the same time, anybody can take a look at your past as well.

While the site is the best place to reveal shocking crimes, staggering divorces, sexual offenses and other silly problems, many are against it because it offers too much information. It’s an open book, and the pure truth is so hard to bear.

For now, the service just includes any person from the United States of America.

If you’ve got lots to hide, don’t mention a word about this article to anyone.


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