Instagram Rolls Out Ads; Michael Kors Graces First Ad

Instagram Rolls Out Ads- Michael Kors Graces First AdAvid Instagram users should not be surprised when ads suddenly pop up when viewing filtered photos. The photo-sharing social network of Facebook rolled out ads to photo feed last November 1. From then on, the Website would feature several sponsored ads while users are accessing the site.

This new feature was first announced in October. Back then, Instagram said it would post high-quality and beautiful pictures as well as videos from a number of brands, most of which are already part of the network’s community. Instagram intends to make those ads unobtrusive as those could be while it earns additional cash from posting those. The goal is to keep the ads look and feel natural.

In a previous statement, Instagram assured its users that those ads would remain creative and enjoyable. The idea is to use images or videos that could easily be taken as postings from users’ stylish and opulent friends or contacts. The Website also wants those ads to be engaging enough, just like ads that flip through glossy magazines.

Michael Kors Timeless collection

The first ad to be featured was from Michael Kors. The fashion designer’s ad showcases Parisian-inspired piece of jewelry. It shows a gold watch worth $225 from his Timeless collection. The ad has so far gained over 95,000 likes. However, it was not spared from mean comments, which logically came from Instagram users who have been criticizing the site’s decision to post ads on photo feed.

Instagram noted that the ad would appear on timelines of users, even if they don’t follow the account of the brand. As of now, there is no indication yet about the frequency on how the ads would appear. More notably, the ad has an identical aesthetic look and feel like regular Instagram posts.

Critics and defenders

It could be recalled that many Instagram users were outraged when the Website announced plans to post ads. Some of them threatened to close accounts. They have been complaining that the decision lacked consultation from them.

However, some users have been defending the social network from those critics. They emphasize that Instagram members could not complain too much about a free service. They also remind the bashers that any user could simply opt to hide the ads if he thinks those are offensive and unlikely. Those who would prefer to do so are advised to prepare a good reason why they are discarding the ads.

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