Indie developers retaliate to King’s trademarking of the word ‘Candy’ with hundreds of Candy themed games

Indie developers retaliate to King trademarkingIn a surprising move, Indie developers are submitting hundreds of Candy themed games on the Apple app store in retaliation to the developer King’s trademarking of the common word Candy  in Europe.

Recently, the developer of the popular iOS and Android game, Candy Crush Saga trademarked the word Candy in Europe and has further filed for the same in US which is currently waiting for approval. This means that developers are no longer allowed to name their games Candy. In this regard, Apple started informing developers with this generic word in their titles to change it to something else which naturally infuriated a lot of indie developers.

King has defended this move by saying that a lot of Candy Crush Saga clones appeared on the app store after the success of their game which forced them to trademark the name. However, after getting the trademark, King started targeting unrelated games too, like The Banner Saga which is a role playing game and is not even close to their puzzle based game.

Eventually, these angered developers came together which led to the birth of the Candy Jam. They even have a website for the same. Candy Jam is simply a protest against such trademarking of common words wherein indie developers are encouraged to create games with the name Candy or even Saga in their titles and submit it to Apple.

As a result of this protest, over 100 games have been submitted to the app store. Many of these games have been awkwardly named with titles like Shew It Down: Candy Crap Saga, CanDieCanDieCanDie, don’t Let the Candies Crush You, Infinite Candy Crossing, Candy King – Cease and Desist Saga, Candy Copyright Racing, CANDY APPLE SCROLL SAGA – recovered from the CRUSHed computers MEMORY, ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy, and Don’t Let the Candies Crush You!.

The website for the protest clears out some things like why they are doing this and even showcases the apps which have been submitted to the app store. The website further states that they are doing the protest as trademarking common words is ridiculous and targeting small developers like Benjamin Hsu (creator of All Candy Casino Slots) and Stoic (developers of The
Banner Saga) is a hindrance of freedom and creativity. So, in short, The Candy Jam is a protest against both the system and those abusing it: King.

At the moment, neither Apple nor King has reacted to the protest.

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