Indian Military Officials Accused Of Selling Soldiers’ Ration To Civilians

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/The Northeast Today | Rations of Indian soldiers being sold to civilians? Photo Credit: Twitter/The Northeast Today

Indian military officials have been accused of selling soldiers’ ration to civilians. Residents near the Parliamentary forces’ camp in Border Security Force (BSF) reported that officers sell personnel fuel and food provisions at half the market price. The shocking detail got revealed through videos of the BSF’s 29th Battalion from a jawan, Tej Bahadur Yadav. He presented these prohibited transactions by paramilitary officers especially those assigned in border areas.

According to Indiatimes, merchants near the Humhama BSF headquarters near Srinagar airport are the recipients of the fuel such as petrol and diesel. Food stores and civilians also availed of the supplies coming from the officers.  The officers also sold lentils and vegetables at cheaper prices outside the camp. However, these left some officers without facilities. Some officers reported of lacking items of daily use because of selling it outside the camps.

Officers selling soldiers’ rations verified

To verify the accusation, a civil contractor also said in the video that their petrol is from BSF officers who handles the provisions at Humhama camp, which is cheaper than the market price. They also availed some items such as rice and spices, which comes less expensive.

Some informants wanted anonymity regarding the accusation. A merchant who sells furniture said that the purchasing officers even take a commission on their orders for elegant furniture for the offices. Commissions are allegedly more than what the dealers earn.

The situation remains the same as some CRPF officers tell the same story. CRPF IG Ravideep Singh Sahi got assigned in Srinagar as IG administration in the previous month. Sahi committed to investigate on the said issue. The CRPF officer also said that the CRPF follows a certain procedure on all purchases and that no one is beyond the regulations. Despite the allegations, a CRPF on law and order assigned in Srinagar reported that no officers treat them poorly.

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