Images of the rumored Lumia 730 selfie phone leaked

Images of the rumored Lumia 730 selfie phone leakedLate last month, theverge reported that Microsoft was planning to release two new Lumia devices in the market. One would be a selfie phone which is code named Superman, while the other would be a high end affordable phone, code named Tesla. While we have already seen Tesla in pictures a few days back, we now have images of this so called selfie phone.

Windows Phone Central managed to get their hands on this upcoming smartphone. The device shown in the pictures has the same design as the current Lumia 720 handset, so this selfie phone could be the successor of this existing handset. The Lumia 730 comes in a bright green color which is not very surprising given that we have seen many other Lumia handsets sport such bright and bold colors.

Lumia 720 was Nokia’s one of the most popular handsets, so Microsoft would be looking to capitalize on its success with this upcoming Lumia device. According to the earlier report, the device would have a great front camera which would be ideal to take selfies. Given that users today are addicted to selfies, this so called Superman phone could sell very well in the market.

On first glance, it looks like Lumia 730 would have a slightly larger 4.7 inch screen. According to reports, on the front, there would be a 5MP camera capable of capturing high quality shots. However, there are already some smartphone which have a large front camera sensor as this one, so we can’t really say how much better this phone’s camera will be.

The leaked image also reveals a new firmware running on the device called Debian Red. So, this could be a new software version that Microsoft will announce along with the smartphone later this year. Another thing to note is that the name Debian Red follows the naming scheme of Microsoft’s software versions.

Microsoft always follows the alphabetical order when it comes to naming its next software update and hence, the next update should be named something which starts with ‘D’. We already have seen Amber, Black, Cyan and now Debian Red logically would be the next Windows Phone version.

As of now, we don’t have any details on the overall specifications or availability of the device. However, given that Microsoft devices Chief, Stephen Elop showed off the device at an internal company meeting, we don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to get more details.

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