Huawei’s roadmap for 2015 revealed, smartwatch coming soon

Huawei's roadmap for 2015 revealed, smartwatch coming soonHuawei has a number of devices in the pipeline for 2015 launch. The company, in a teaser at an event in China revealed that it will unveil at least 7 new devices this year in different categories like smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches. Yes, the company has officially confirmed that it would enter the smart band market in 2015.

In the teaser image, Huawei shows off at least 5 new smartphones for the year. The first two phones will be from the company’s top end lineup namely the Mate series and the P series. Both are targeted at the high end users and will come with powerful hardware and a beautiful design. We have already started seeing rumors about these devices and there’s even a new one which says that there will be a Huawei Mate 7 compact version. Unfortunately, the company did not confirm the individual devices at the event and we’ll have to wait for around a month more to get more details.

Huawei also has plans for expanding and upgrading the Honor lineup. Unlike the above two, the Honor series is aimed at the mid-range market bringing the best features at an affordable price tag. The company’s latest Honor smartphone, the Honor 6 Plus has received tremendous response in its home country. Further, there will also be new devices in the G and Y series.

Coming to tablets, the picture reveals that Huawei will have two series namely X series and the M series. The X will concentrate on bringing the best possible experience on a large screen, while the M series will focus on giving the best audio visual experience.

Finally, the company also revealed that it has plans to enter the smart band and smartwatch markets this year. The picture explains that there will be flagship smart band and a flagship smartwatch running on Google’s Android Wear platform optimized for wearables. It further adds that they will focus on maintaining the fitness of the user.

As you can see, Huawei has a lot of devices for the year. However, it is still not known how many of these will come to US. We’ll probably have to wait for a few more days, until MWC 2015 that’s going to be held at Barcelona to get more details on these devices.

Meanwhile, a recent leak suggested that Huawei P8 flagship may see a separate April event, which means we may only see the Mate 7 successor at MWC this year.

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