HTC’s smartwatch plans may still be alive

HTC's smartwatch plans may still be aliveWith practically every manufacturer trying to get into the Smartwatch industry, HTC too was expected to join the rat race by this year’s holiday season. An HTC executive said earlier this year that the company had lots of devices in the pipeline including a smartwatch.

While fans were eagerly waiting for an announcement from the company by the end of this year, Pocket-lint reported last week that the company had shelved the idea of a smartwatch, at least for the time being.

However, sources of CNET say that HTC is still planning to launch a smartwatch, even after Apple announced its first smartwatch a few days back. So, you could see a new wearable from the company as soon as early 2015.

The sources add that the smartwatch under development will be quite different than existing offerings in the industry. HTC aims to bring a unique set of features and design elements to the device to set it apart from competitors.

At present, customers have plenty of options to choose when it comes to a smartwatch. However, each one has its own set of flaws and till date we couldn’t really choose one as the winner. Companies like LG, Motorola may have been forced to release a smartwatch this early, which could be something HTC is trying to avoid.

So, instead of rushing into the market, the company could be focusing on perfecting the device to attract customers.

Postponing the release may not actually hurt the company as much as we earlier thought as Apple’s iWatch will only make it to the market around the same time as the said device. Also, it looks like most of the manufacturers have already released their wearable devices for the year, which means the market would be pretty much frozen until early next 2015.

Like CNET pointed, HTC’s new wearable would most likely run on Google’s Android Wear platform. Unlike Samsung which has its own Tizen OS, HTC has always relied on Android for its devices, so it won’t be surprising if we see the device running the same OS. However, there could be slight modifications.

As of now, Android Wear is pretty limited when it comes to features and functions, so HTC’s new smartwatch may use a modified version to incorporate certain special features.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the source means by special design elements and features, but we sure hope that the device comes with a great battery life, as most smartwatches today have trouble in this area.

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