HTC’s Nexus tablet code named ‘flounder’ spotted online

HTC's Nexus tablet code named 'flounder' spotted onlineGoogle has experimented with a number of OEMs in the past for its nexus lineup. LG has been manufacturing the company’s Nexus smartphone lineup for the past two years, while Asus has mass produced its Nexus tablet lineup. But the search engine giant has reportedly partnered with a new company, the Taiwanese giant, HTC for its next Nexus product. While it isn’t clear whether the product will be the next smartphone or tablet, the leak confirms that HTC will release a Nexus device pretty soon.

Two new code names for products have been spotted online in the Chromium Issue tracker and the fingerprint in the listing shows HTC as the maker of the device. The code names, Flounder and Molly could be the upcoming tablet lineup from the company this year and it’s quite possible too given that they are based on the names of a fish, which the company has used many times in the last few years.

Google has always code named their Nexus products based on the names of fish, with Mantaray being the Nexus 10, flo being the Nexus 7 (2013), mako being the Nexus 4 and grouper being the nexus 7 (2012). So, naming their next device as flounder is not that surprising.

Unfortunately, the change log did not mention anything about the maker of molly. But it’s quite likely that both flounder and molly are code names for the next nexus smartphone and tablet.

There were earlier rumors that the next Nexus tablet will be manufactured by HTC. So, Flounder could be the next Nexus tablet while molly could be the next Nexus smartphone.

HTC is not new to the Nexus range as it was the first manufacturer to build the Nexus One smartphone. But for some reason, the company decided to focus on its Sense UI based products, which meant that the next generation Nexus products were made by different manufacturers. But it looks like the company is making a comeback with the new Nexus tablet this year.

As for the Nexus smartphone, Google may stick with LG for its production. The company has been the partner for Nexus smartphone program for the past 2 years and this year’s Nexus 6 could be based on the upcoming LG G3. The rumored specs and design makes G3 one of the hottest devices of the year and hence, using G3 as the base for building Nexus 6 is not really a bad thing.

Google’s Annual developers’ conference is just a few weeks away and more details about the Nexus range as well as the next Android version are expected to be revealed at the event.

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