HTC to release its Zoe app to other Android smartphones this week

HTC to release its Zoe app to other Android smartphones this weekThe Taiwanese Smartphone giant HTC has been making Android apps and skins for the past few years, however, these apps were limited to the company’s own devices. But that is all going to change according to a new report from Re/Code which says that the company will soon release its Zoe app to other Android smartphones in the market.

The source adds that HTC’s Creative Labs division, which initially developed the app for HTC One M7 is currently developing the Zoe app for Android smartphones from other manufacturers. This means that, the app will soon be available to rivals like Samsung and LG.

Applications like Zoe and Blinkfeed are trademark features of HTC’s Android smartphones and hence, it would be a bold move by the company to release them to other devices. However, according to some experts, this move might be required given that the company is losing market share every year and its revenues are declining. So, the company has to look out for ways like these to improve the popularity of its apps and devices.

Unlike other OEMs, HTC releases very limited number of smartphones in the market. And recently many of these devices have failed to perform as well as the company would have expected. Even its high end flagship, HTC One M8, released earlier this year, which received positive reviews from both experts and consumers alike, is slowly losing popularity and sales, which will adversely affect the overall earnings of the company.

So, releasing an app like Zoe could improve the company’s popularity to some extent.

Zoe is basically a social photo/video sharing app which can stitch up to 16 videos/ images together. The user just has to select a theme, the content to be showcased and the soundtrack which will be used to create a highlight reel. The app has very limited features, but still is a good way to share images and videos to friends and family.

However, there’s one big problem. The app store currently has hundreds of photo sharing apps which are much more popular as well as capable than Zoe. There are apps like Instagram and Vine which are used by millions of users every month. So, HTC will have a tough time competing with these already hit apps.

But releasing Zoe to all Android smartphones could be a small part of the bigger picture. HTC could release its other popular apps like Blinkfeed or even its whole Sense UI, which is one of the better Android skins out there to other Android smartphones.

It could also put in efforts developing new apps for all Android smartphones, which could bring in additional revenue for the company.

The source says that the Zoe app should hit the play store for smartphones running Android 4.4 Kitkat version within this week. We may also see more such releases from the company in the coming months, so stay tuned to the website.

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