HTC One M8 removed from 3DMark rankings for cheating

Just a few days back, HTC One M8 was accused of cheating on benchmark tests to get on top of the test results. Surprisingly, HTC did accept tweaking its performance and even claimed that it was a special feature on their newly announced device. Naturally, not all are happy with the news and the makers of the 3D graphics and CPU Benchmark tests, known as Futuremark has reportedly placed HTC One M8 at the bottom of the list. So, this means the new HTC Flagship is below 1,000 other Android smartphones in the test results.

According to the Taiwanese company, benchmark tests are there to test the maximum performance of a device and it’s not cheating when companies try to tweak their devices for oozing out every bit of its power. HTC claims the new One will come with a performance mode in its developer settings for displaying such maximum performance whenever the user needs it.

So, if the user wants to play a high performance game on the device, he or she can just enable the setting for the maximum performance. The same tweak loads up when running benchmark tests on the device, which many call as cheating.

However, Futuremark has a different opinion. According to them, these benchmark tests try to analyze the real world performance of the device and it’s not right to tweak them just for boosting the test results. They claim that HTC One M8 violates its agreement that a device shouldn’t detect or tweak its performance while running the benchmark app. As a direct consequence of breaking this agreement, Futuremark has placed the device at the bottom of their table. So, the device which was once ahead of most other smartphones in the market will now be below 1,000 Android devices.

Samsung had been found cheating with a similar technique last year, but instead of tagging it as a feature, the company rectified it immediately. In fact, it is said that the latest Galaxy S5 smartphone does not come with a performance tweaking feature, which means that the results from the tests show real life performance.

It becomes quite hard to judge smartphones on the basis of test results if some are tweaked for such high performance. People are generally looking for real life performance of the device, and hence, it is not that surprising Futuremark decided to place it at the bottom.

It would be interesting to see how AnTuTu and other benchmarking tools react to this move from Futuremark.

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