HTC One M8 coming to Asian countries early May

HTC One M8 was finally unveiled on March 25 but most of the features of the device were already known to the public thanks to several images and videos leaked earlier. Still, the device managed to surprise users in some aspects like the depth camera and its software features.

The device has been one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year, and just like its predecessor, M8 has received plenty of positive reviews from experts. One of the highlights of the launch was the option to order the device instantly, which kind of worked in favor of the company. It’s already available for pre-order in US and most other countries and will ship by April second week.

However, even though HTC is basically an Asian company (based in Taiwan), it did not reveal anything about a release date in most of the Asian countries. Taiwan and Singapore were the only two countries where the dates were known, while the rest of the countries were kept in dark.

However, according to CNET, HTC will be making One M8 available to most Asian countries by early May this year. While even this news does not give users an exact date, it will be assuring to know that the release is around the corner.

M8 is already available for sale in its home country, Taiwan and the demand for the device is reportedly pretty solid. It is been said that the orders are doubling each day and demand is outstripping the supply. This is definitely good news for the company and the situation will probably be the same once it launches in other countries too.

Fans from Singapore will be able to get their hands on One starting April 5. So, HTC has made sure that the device will hit the Singapore markets even before Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 becomes available. HTC has also priced the device competitively and the 16GB version will be available for purchase for 998 Singapore Dollars, which translates to around $798 USD.

While the sales are just gaining momentum, it’s been reported that the gold version of the device will be available for purchase in UK starting April 2. Also, new rumors are suggesting the release of a mini version of M8 in the coming months. The Mini device is expected to come with 4.5 inch screen with 720p resolution and an ultra-pixel camera.

So, HTC finally seems to be doing the right thing, learning from the mistakes that it made last year. However, the actual performance of the device in terms of sales and popularity against other rivals will only be known in the coming months.

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