HTC may announce ReCamera, the GoPro competitor at its October 8th event

HTC may announce ReCamera, the GoPro competitor at its October 8th eventFor the past few years, HTC has concentrated on its smartphone lineup. However, in spite of releasing impressive flagships with top of the line specifications, the Taiwanese giant hasn’t really been able to take over the smartphone industry.

This was mainly due to the dominance of its South Korean counterpart, Samsung and its successful marketing and selling tactics. So, with its overall sales declining, the company has to desperately try out new things to survive in the market.

HTC is probably one of the few well known tech companies to have a very small product lineup. Most other manufacturers like Samsung and LG have a lot of products to offer, ranging from consumer electronics like televisions, microwave ovens to smartphones and wearables.

So, it was being said that HTC was working on something new, much different than a smartphone or a tablet. Finally, today we have some idea as to what the company might have in store for us.

HTC recently released a teaser video on YouTube which hinted at the launch of its new camera at the scheduled October 8th event. This is not the first time that we are hearing about a GoPro like camera from  HTC as there were some rumors a few weeks back which said that the company was developing a similar device.

But this is the first time the company has confirmed the existence of such a device.

Well, the teaser video doesn’t really show the device, as throughout the video, we see what the camera is shooting in front of the user. But, what we do know is that the device is water proof as the video starts from the pool and we guess it will function a lot like the existing GoPros. You can even zoom in for selfies or record while playing hard core sports.

While the company has not officially released any images of the said device, a reddit user recently spotted a periscope like device on, which was removed later on. There’s even a twitter account with the name recamera which is said to be operated by HTC.


So, it’s probably safe to assume that HTC’s GoPro competitor will be called as the recamera.

The company has invited the press at its October 8th event in New York City dubbed “Double Exposure” where it will most likely announce the device.

So, we won’t have to wait long to get more details.

Till then, check out the “Something Remarkable is coming” teaser video from the company given below.

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