HTC hires Paul Golden, the man behind the Samsung ‘Galaxy’ brand

HTC hires Paul Golden, the man behind the Samsung 'Galaxy' brandHTC One is probably the best smartphone from the Taiwanese company till date, however, even with its high end specs and interactive software features, the company has not been doing so well. HTC reported three straight quarters of operating losses and the company is desperately looking for ways to improve its financial standing.

But things might change in favor of HTC in the coming months as Bloomberg confirms that HTC hired Paul Golden, the former head of marketing at Samsung. It is said that Paul was one of the key individuals who developed and marketed the ‘Galaxy’ brand which has helped the company sell millions of smartphones worldwide.

With this hiring, HTC has strengthened its marketing team which may improve the company’s overall marketing efforts.

HTC’s Ineffective Marketing Strategies

In the past, HTC has not really focused on the marketing aspects of a product, which has adversely affected the company’s sales. Its market share and the overall sales have declined steadily showing that the company’s marketing efforts have not really been effective.  

However, the company realizes this particular flaw and they have already hired famous actors like Gary Oldman and Robert Downey Jr. to promote their high end flagships.

“We just have to communicate well with our customers,” said Cher Wang, HTC’s Chairman in an interview at HTCs Taipei headquarters. “I believe if we can communicate better, we will do better.”

So, the company is looking to improve its overall sales by improving their marketing efforts.

Paul Golden’s Role in the Rise of the ‘Galaxy’ Brand

Golden was with Samsung from 2008 to 2012, the crucial period where the company transformed into the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. According to his LinkedIn profile, he created and launched the Galaxy brand name for Samsung.  So, having an individual with such varied experience may help HTC strengthen its own brand name.

According to HTC, the company will appoint him as an advisor to Chairman Wer Chang and he will report directly to him on all matters. However, the appointment is not a long term one and currently, he is hired on a three month contract basis.

Samsung has always been two steps ahead of HTC in terms of sales and marketing. Hence, with a great product like the HTC One M8 in their hands, the company would be trying hard to improve their marketing efforts to bridge the gap between the two companies.

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