HPV Infects Men Too, And A Few Are Getting Vaccines

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Women's Eye Candy UK | Men should get vaccinated for HPV too. Photo Credit: Twitter/Women’s Eye Candy UK

Human Papillomavirus or HPV is a common sexually transmitted disease.  If left untreated, HPV can cause serious health problems.  Most women are aware of the effects of HPV.  According to a new study, nearly half of American males get infected with genital HPV.  And, just a small part of the whole are getting vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus.  The results of the study showed that 45% of American males under 60 gets infected with the virus.  

This amount equates to about 35 million males in America alone.  And, what’s worse is that, 25% of them have the high-risk types of HPV.  These often result in cancers of the mouth, upper throat, and cervical cancer.  In addition, only a small percentage, about 11%, were the only ones who received the HPV vaccine, according to the journal JAMA Oncology.

Why get vaccinated against HPV

The study also showed that there is a high rate of HPV infection among older men compared to older women, according to LiveScience.  Dr. Jasmine Han, chief of gynecologic oncology at the Womack Army Medical City, confessed that she did not expect such results.  The study, which she headed, aims to bring public awareness of the current low HPV rate.  Dr. Han also showed the high HPV prevalence rate.

The vaccination cutoff age is 26 among men.  Scientists are also suggesting a reevaluation of the cutoff age for vaccination.  Back in 2011, the CDC recommended a routine HPV vaccination for all adolescents.  This includes pre-teen males and young men.  Last October 2016, the government has eased out on this recommendation.  The government now only provides two doses instead of three to 13-year old male and female teenagers, reports Fox News.  

Because of this, a,low number of males are getting vaccinated.  The researchers also calculated that about 25 million American men qualify to have the HPV vaccine.  The male population do not have the means to get vaccinated.  Above all, the HPV vaccine can prevent HPV-linked cancers.  

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