HP announces a smartwatch designed by US fashion designer Michael Bastian

HP announces a smartwatch designed by US fashion designer Michael BastianIn the past few years, we have seen many tech companies release wearable devices in the market. Samsung has its own smartwatch and so does LG, Motorola and Sony. In fact Google is leading all of these tech companies into the wearable industry with its Android Wear platform made for wearables .

While we already have a lot of options to choose from in this market, HP has just announced that it’s working on a smartwatch. However, the device will be quite different than other competitors.

HP has reportedly partnered with the retailer Gilt and US fashion designer Michael Bastian to develop the device. Having a fashion designer in the team would definitely make the design much more attractive and trendier than other competitors in the market. And the initial prototype designs as revealed by the company prove this point.

It is being said that HP first approached Gilt with the idea of bringing in a fashion designer to craft the device. Then Gilt brought Bastian on board which led to this unlikely collaboration. Naturally, Bastian was responsible for the design aspect of the device while HP concentrated on its internal tech and software.

HP’s smartwatch will have a circular design like the Moto G, but that’s where the similarities end. Michael has added a 44mm steel case to the smartwatch which makes the device even more attractive. On top of that, customers will be able to swap the band on their smartwatch with initial options which include a limited edition black, olive green nylon, brown leather and black rubber.

Michael further adds that the smartwatch design was inspired from the interiors of luxury automobiles. He took design cues from things like luxury car dashboards and trims to make the device.

On the software side, HP’s smartwatch will be compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. This means that the device would run special software developed by HP instead of a standard wearable platform like Android Wear. Also, the smartwatch will have very little customization options, with all the tweaks and settings controlled via a smartphone application.

Some of the features of the device include notifications for email, text, calls, controls for music and other apps etc. The smartwatch could come with various other features too, but we’ll have to wait for more information from HP.

Also, things like pricing, specs and exact availability of the device is unknown, but HP does say that the device will be available exclusively via Gilt this fall.

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