How Niche Apps Are The New Trend

To build a successful application today, one must be quintessentially involved with the social media. Two of the essential founding stones of the successful niche apps are Facebook and Twitter. Hence, if a person needs any proof on the trending rates of niche apps in the market today, it’s the marketing strategies of these sharks that one should glance at.

Finding a niche is like finding vacuum according to Phil Ryu (consistently successful app developer). Once the strategies are discovered, a business can actually drive with huge pressure and productive force, the target audience. One such niche app that has been intelligently marketed is MillionaireMatch, which is also the best dating Site for Millionaires to find a one in a millionaire match! Whereas tinder goes for mainstream audience, millionaire match has separated itself by going after the elite and beautiful people.


Unlike marketing for broader audience, niche marketing has an upper hand in reaching its target audience. When focussed on a narrow set of people who follow a certain set of demographics, there is a higher chance for the app to produce programmes that interests the target audience. Through collecting sufficient data on all trending topics in that niche, it is possible to realise the preferences and likes of that engrosses the target audience, better.   


Niche apps are currently the best providers of market research equivalently for amateurs and professionals. With specific focus on how many posts are reached to how many audience in a specific time frame, niche apps provide the best statistical analysis of how efficiently can a business target its already interested audience.

As the target-audience quickly engages with respect to niche apps, it also provides the easiest results of how successful or unproductive the current marketing approach of a firm is. With parameters like immediate feedback, number of audience reached and engaged, niche sites have a better chance at continuous and quality improvement. 


Niche apps are designed to be specific, different and unique from its competitors. Nevertheless, it should not exclude the audience altogether. However, having specific content narrows down the competition to target the best audience with minimal negative ratings. When there is an option of targeting specific audience with respect to the product, the manager has already narrowed the broader string of competitors in the specific category.

By specifying the unique mission, aim and services of a company, it also readily answers the customer’s question on why should they choose the specific company over its many competitors. An example of an ideal app that has niche topics with respect to its target audience is Bumble- a dating app run by females that helps socializing through collecting the user’s data of location.


Another important aspect of niche apps is that there are scores of users looking forward to engaging themselves in the virtual reality every moment. Moreover, unlike merely opining or stating one’s missions, a niche app builds an interactive environment specifically to create participants, who later become fans, on their official Facebook or Twitter pages. 

In addition, having a niche app helps the marketing managers resolve the clarifications and issues of the customers directly, which creates a trustworthy bond with the customers. A better bond through feedback and resolution of bug is ideal in the case of the niche app Cookpad- an app that assists people to cook with fun!


An important aspect of the mantra of online marketing for an app developer is that the favourite keywords connect audience effectively with the service. When the audience is assured that the name of an app is not just any keyword under the favourite topic, but a unique or rare keyword in the topic, the audience begins to credit the service with more respect.

Only the developer’s own favourite vocabulary in the subject can create an enticing keyword that specifically enraptures the target audience. An example of one such music for sleep app with a selective keyword that has succeeded in becoming the favourite is RelaxMelodies.

After all that’s been said and done, there are, in fact, several other reasons why niche apps are the current trend and why they will continuously evolve with their audience – never phasing out. But to enumerate them all would entail a long list that may seem unending, comparable to the possibilities niche apps hold for themselves.

This is why, if one wants to step into the world of niche apps, it is imperative that they do so with a discerning eye and with a mind open to constant change – niche apps were meant to cater to it’s target audience, yes, but they are also meant to grow along with them. Just as technology intended it to be.

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For comments and suggestions, leave a message in the comments section below. Like and Follow our Facebook page for more stories and to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

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