How Google Glass helped a doctor save a man’s life

Over the past one year, Google Glass has been experimented in a number of fields like healthcare, sports, medical industry etc. But even before the device is commercially available, a doctor at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center claims that the device helped him to save one of his patients. This is actually great news for the device, which has been getting plenty of negative reviews lately with respect to its privacy protection.

According to the Boston Globe, Dr. Steven Horng, working at Boston’s above mentioned medical center was wearing Google Glass while treating a patient whose brain was bleeding. The report adds that the doctor was aware that the patient was allergic to certain drugs which would stop the bleeding, but unfortunately, he didn’t know exactly which one would do the trick. However, he didn’t have to go through the patient’s entire medical history to find this drug as he was wearing Glass.

Dr. Horng, claims that he used Google Glass to get relevant information relating to the patient’s medical history which helped him treat the patient. This saved him a lot of time and efforts and made sure that the treatment was delivered as soon as possible.

“Rather than having to excuse myself, it means I can quickly access that information without having to interrupt the patient, lose eye contact, or even leave the room.” said Dr. Horng while talking to Boston Globe.

Recently, Google Glass has received a lot of criticism because of the security and privacy risks involved with the gadget and this news should definitely be of some relief to the company. In fact, this news was showcased on the Google Glass page on the Google Plus website as a part of the new initiative by the company to show the uses of glass in different industries. Google is reportedly working with a lot of new partners like medical centers, sports teams and oil companies to promote the use of Glass in their respective industries.

In order to overcome the problem of privacy on Glass, the devices at the medical center were running a special Android based software developed by a company called Wearable Intelligence. The software was designed in a way to ensure that all of the patient’s data was private and was available only to the doctors. The company also assures that Google does not get these private data.

This is just an example of how Google Glass can be used to solve real life problems in different industries. If the company is able to attract such revolutionary custom softwares for each industry, then Glass will surely look like an attractive investment to a lot of new parties.

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