Houthi Rebels In Yemen: US Navy Retaliates For Missile Attack

US Cobra gunships in flight. Photo credit: Flickr/Ken Koller

On Wednesday, the US military conducted a cruise missile strike against Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Navy knocked out three radar sites, following the recent missile attacks against US warships.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook confirmed the attack, claiming, “Initial assessments show the sites were destroyed.” Referring to the missile strikes as self-defense, Cook said that the attack was aimed at protecting the navy ships, personnel and freedom of navigation in the region.

He furthermore said, the targeted radar sites were “involved in the recent missile launches threatening USS Mason and other vessels operating in international waters in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandeb.”

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Reportedly, President Barack Obama had assigned the Navy’s counter attack against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. US officials claimed, the US destroyer USS Nitze fired the Tomahawk cruise missiles at around 4 a.m. local time. The radars were tracked near Ras Isa, north of Mukha, and near Khoka.

Houthi Rebels Deny Accusations

The United States has got enough evidence against Houthi rebels, who allegedly conducted the recent attack on a Navy destroyer. According to the US officials, the rebels supposedly used small skiffs as spotters for a missile attack on the warship.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said, anybody who tries to attack the US Navy vessels in international waters will do so “at their own peril.” On the other hand, Houthi rebels openly denied such allegations. They claimed that the accusations are simply baseless since they did not target the USS Mason.

Sources claim, these allegations are basically aimed to provoke aggression and cover up crimes committed against the Yemeni people. Experts claim, the US warship strike hinted that the Houthi fighters may now join the axis of resistance that currently includes Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.

The US Navy attack did not record any casualties so far. This is the superpower’s first strike against Houthi-dominated territory in Yemen.

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