Hookup App ‘Bang With Friends’ Relaunches on iPhone as Renamed ‘Down’

Bang With Friends Relaunches on iPhone as DownFinally, the controversial hookup app that used to be known as ‘Bang With Friends’ has come to iOS. The app created some noise a few months ago when Apple Inc had to suspend it following a complaint from mobile game maker Zynga, which claimed that the adult app’s name infringes on its list of ‘With Friends’ apps.

Following that talked about fight with Zynga, the group behind the hookup app has decided to rebrand the program as ‘Down.’ After the renaming and some adjustments to the approach, the app was instantly launched on Android. The launch on iOS also came with an update that was also released in a quiet manner in the past week.

Major changes

‘Down’ features an enhanced user interface. Other than that, its developer also introduced some changes to the app. The first change is the extension of the app’s focus. If the original version was mainly about banging and hooking up, the modified version now distinguishes between people that users want to ‘date’ and people they just intend to hook up with.

This feature should be fast and easy. A user has to swipe up to schedule a date with a contact person. Swiping down is for ‘getting down’ with another and chosen person. Swiping to the left would skip profiles and make you move on to check profiles of other more interesting users.

More matches

Additionally, ‘Down’ has already expanded its possible matches. Thus, users may hookup not just with their friends. Now, they could also hookup with friends of their friends. This makes the app a little less awkward. It is also expanding the horizons for the changes. The search process has been made broader, increasing the potential to connect with more people.

Many of the latest changes to the app also came as suggestions from female users. The original version felt safer to them as they know that the people they are hooking up with are real individuals. With the new changes, they still could enjoy that assurance but the list of contacts grow by hundreds or thousands.

The developer also hopes that the new iOS version of ‘Down’ would be as successful as the Android version, which was released earlier. ‘Down’ for Android has already generated 300% jump in two-day retention rate and up to 200% rise in single-day retention rate.

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