Home Mortgage Rates at the Capital One Financial Corp Remain Unchanged on August 15, 2014

Home Mortgage Rates at the Capital One Financial Corp Remain Unchanged on August 15, 2014Capital One Financial Corp (NYSE: COF), one of the biggest home mortgage providers in the United States of America chose to make no significant changes in their benchmark home mortgage schemes on Friday, August 15, 2014. The home mortgage interest rates at Capital One didn’t experience any positive or negative changes on Friday. The potential home mortgage shoppers who would’ve planned to take up a mortgage scheme today might have been a tad disappointed with the unchanged rates for the benchmark mortgage plans being offered by the bank.

The Capital One Financial (NYSE: COF) did offer its benchmark 30 year fixed rate home mortgage schemes at an interest rate of 4.125% and an annual percentage rate of 4.153% on Friday. The short term variants of the standard 30 year fixed mortgage schemes, the 15 year loans stood at a rate of interest of 3.375% in addition to an annual percentage rate of 3.424%. The APR on the short term mortgage schemes did came down a little bit from yesterday.

The home loan buyers who are willing to purchase an expansive and elite apartment can opt for the costlier jumbo loans offered by Capital One Financial. The long term 30 year jumbo mortgage deals can be acquired at 4.250% and an annual percentage rate of 4.264% which is a bit higher than the standard mortgage loans. The shorter 15 year jumbo fixed rate mortgage schemes stood at 3.750% interest rate in addition to an APR of 3.774%.

The home loan shoppers who are in search of some flexible mortgage schemes can opt for adjustable rate mortgage schemes. The 5 year variants in the category are on the official books at 2.875% yielding an APR of 2.839%. The bigger 7 year ARMs have been put up for sale at 3.125% rate of interest and an annual percentage rate of 2.948%.

Capital One Financial is planning to cut all ties with the check-cashing industry. The check-cashing industry has come under huge pressure countrywide due to its tactics and they are also being targeted in a high profile money-laundering investigation by the district attorney of New York. The company did issue a statement just after disclosing in a regulatory filing, that they’ve subpoenaed by the district attorney in a probe which is related to the firm’s check casher clients and its programs based upon anti-money laundering. The bank officials also said that they are cooperating with the government as far as the investigation is concerned.

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