Hershey’s Partners with 3D Systems to Produce 3D-Printed Chocolates

Hershey -  3D Systems to Produce 3D-Printed ChocolatesAll chocolate lovers out there could look forward to something new in the near term—3D-printed chocolates and other confectionery. And it has to come from The Hershey Company, which recently entered into a partnership agreement with 3D Systems. The deal is for exploring and developing the use of 3D printing technology in manufacturing food items.

3D Systems said the team-up would combine the food science as well as manufacturing expertise of Hershey’s with the reliable 3D printing technology. The aim is to create and deliver entirely new consumer experiences. Thus, 3D-printed chocolates and sweets may not have to be novelty items in the coming months.

The Hershey Company

In a statement, The Hershey Company reiterated its commitment to innovation in delivering compelling and relevant experiences to consumers through its iconic brands. The confectionery firm said it has always been embracing new technologies to keep its products more interesting. 3D printing in its products would be another new thing that consumers would be mostly excited about.

For its part, 3D Systems said it is honored to enter into a partnership with Hershey’s, the biggest producer of high-quality chocolates not just in the US but also in the entire North American region. It also described its new partner as a global leader when it comes to manufacturing chocolates and confectioneries. 3D Systems added that it is very excited to expand into 3D printing for delectable edibles.

3D printing for food items

As exciting as it seems, the new alliance is yet to release any timetable for the launch of 3D-printed treats. Observers are also getting more curious about how much this deal actually entails. Both companies are yet to make further and clearer announcements.

But almost every analyst may agree that it would be a real challenge for the two companies to make 3D-printed chocolates and sweets. They pointed out that the project could be ‘notoriously difficult.’ That is because it may be hard to apply 3D-printing technology especially when there are issues related to chocolates’ natural viscosity and the optimal temperature required.

But is should also be noted that 3D Systems recently unveiled the first ever food-safe commercial 3D printing machine. The company did the introduction of its new technology during the last Consumer and Electronics Show held a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. But back then, it did not announce any pending deal with Hershey’s.

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