Here’s How You Can Celebrate International Coffee Day

While you start every morning with a steaming hot cup of rich coffee, you will have a special reason to pour yourself a cup this October 1. It’s the very first official International Coffee Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the wonderful drink that many rely on to get through their day.

Time to Celebrate Coffee - Its the International Coffee Day

Time to Celebrate Coffee – Its the International Coffee Day

While several nations currently salute coffee on different days, the official International Coffee Day has been coined for the first time this year, by the International Coffee Organization.

Coffee is globally associated with bonding – people use it to reconnect, relax and reflect on any occasion, formal, fun or casual. Coffee has surprising health benefits too – it provides certain prevention against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and liver fibrosis.

It also reduces the risk of stroke in women, lowers the chances of colon cancer and decreases the risk acquiring type II diabetes.

No matter where you are, a good cup of coffee is never far from reach, meaning there’s bound to be an event or two in your city that will be celebrating this occasion.

In South Korea, select items from Coffee Me Up will be discounted at 50% while customers can also ask for a free shot of espresso. While over in the United States, customers can try their hand at showing off their coffee brewing skills at Roast House Coffee, Washington.

If you’re in Spain and have a couple of euros to spare, then head on over to Cafés Bruno & Co in Pamplona where you can try out their different coffees. A barista will guide you with regards to your drinks “distinguishing different attributes, including acidity and body”.

Meanwhile in London, England, coffee lovers can check out the 3rd annual London Latte Art Smackdown at Kaffeine. For more details or for events in your country, check out the International Coffee Day website here.

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