Here’s How LeBron James Spends And Earns His Million Dollars Paychecks

NBA star LeBron James has turned out to be quite the moneymaker, which isn’t all that surprising, considering he has won four MVPs and two NBA championships, and has additionally reached five consecutive NBA Finals — all before reaching the age of 30. Having recently signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike, it looks like James is set for life.

It seems as if James is easily progressing towards his goal of becoming a billion-dollar athlete. Here are just some of the ways the NBA MVP has managed to amass such a fortune in his career, and how he enjoys the luxurious fruits of his labor.

1. He makes $44 million per year in endorsements alone.

That’s nearly twice his NBA salary, which is now collectively amounting to $169,643,842 in his entire NBA career so far. The staggering amount is good enough to rank fourth most all-time, and James is only 30.

Seeing as he’s regularly in ad campaigns for major companies like Samsung, and has been working with Nike ever since the company signed him to a seven-year, $93 million deal just when he was out of high school,  it comes as no surprise that his endorsement work pulls in a large sum to make for his earnings.

Additionally, James recently decided not to renew his endorsement deal with McDonald’s, favoring the option to become a spokesman for Blaze Pizza — a company where he was founding investor — instead.

2. He owns a portion of Liverpool FC.

Not one for just basketball, James became an investor in Liverpool back in 2011 as part of a marketing arrangement with Henry’s Fenway Sports Group, which also owns MLB’s Boston Red Sox and 50 percent of Nascar’s Roush Fenway Racing.

Considering Liverpool FC is one of the world’s most famed soccer teams and a longtime marquee franchise in the English Premier League, James definitely scored in the football world.

3. His media company got $16 million from Warner Bros.

Earlier this week, James’ new multimedia venture secured a $15.8 million investment from Warner Bros. Entertainment and Turner Sports. His media company, Uninterrupted, was created earlier this year with his business partner, Maverick Carter. The two will use their newly-earned earnings to create more content and attract more partners.

4. Audemars Piguet has a LeBron James watch that costs over $50,000.

The watch brand acknowledged James as a force to be reckoned with, given his international following and overall power in the industry and other business ventures, and thus, it came as no surprise for the brand to produce a limited edition watch with the LeBron James name attached to it.

5. He owns several luxury cars.

In addition to a matching Porsche with Dwyane Wade, James also owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom with TVs in the seats. Other than owning a fancy Porsche and Rolls-Royce, James also endorses Kia Motors.

6. All that money allowed him to live in extravagant houses.

After joining the Miami Heat, James bought a $9 million home in Coconut Grove, only to sell it later on for a $4 million profit. He also owns a 30,000-square-foot compound in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

7. He practices cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy may be controversial, but that doesn’t stop James from stepping into a cryotherapy chamber to condition his body. The chamber exposes the body to temperatures of -150 to -290 degrees Fahrenheit in order to relieve pain and enhance muscle recovery, with each session amounting to around $90.

8. He uses one of the most exclusive tattoo artists in the country.

LeBron James

Screen grab from Instagram.

James is a client of Bang Bang Tattoos in New York City, which charges $350 an hour. Its owner, Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, has also inked the likes of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Kylie Jenner. He has even tattooed Justin Bieber in the singer’s private jet.

9. He spoils his wife unconditionally.

He and his wife, Savannah Brinson, are high school sweethearts and now have three children together. James proposed with a reported $300,00 engagement ring, with the wedding being a three-day celebration in San Diego.

The couple flew all the way to Italy for their honeymoon, enjoying the sights and then some. Savannah also runs a juice bar in Miami, which she opened when James was still with the Heat.

10. He makes an effort to dress accordingly for costume parties.

Dressing up in costumes, especially when impersonating other famous stars to a t — like how James made a cameo as Prince and even pulled off a decent Purple Rain lip sync earlier this year — is no joke.

#Repost @prince ・・・ THE KING JAMES VERSION

A video posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

That said, it looks like James only appears to let loose when he wins something, like that time he was spotted at a nightclub after the Heat won the title in 2012, or that time he was onstage with rapper Drake after winning it all a year later.

11. This season, James re-signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers in a million-dollar move.

He is on a one-year deal for $23 million, but by waiting to sign a long-term extensions — plus taking into consideration the pending salary cap explosion, the move will bring in millions for James in the long run. Despite his extravagant lifestyle, the superstar athlete knows how to keep it simple as well, having been spotted riding a bike to a game when he played in Miami.

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