Has NASA Discovered Proof Of Alien Existence?

Possibilities of Alien Life are Still Open| Screen Grab from Invasion

Common folks often brag about aliens and abductions, but this time around, NASA astronomers are dumbfounded by a bizarre astronomical discovery.

A strange light pattern emitted from a distant star is making even the most sensible and experienced astronomers shrug shoulders with “Why not?” and accept the possibility of alien technology on the star.

“Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build,” says Jason Wright, an Astronomer, Penn State University.

A bit of introduction to the star in topic: it is named KIC 8462852 and is located 1,500 light years away in our Milky Way Galaxy, in between the Lyre and Cygnus Constellations. Discovered in 2009 by NASA’s Kepler Telescope, the KIC 8462852 has since been monitored with the other stars and planets.


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Periodic dips in the brightness of stars happen due to any large objects that float around the stars and dim their light, but such dips are usually very slight. The interesting feature of the KIC 8462852 is that it shows more strange dips and ups in its brightness that are very irregular. Strange light blocking shapes appear over the star, with no pattern explainable.

The dimming is very significant, say scientists. At one point, the emitted light dropped to even 22% to 15%.

“Straight away, we know we’re not dealing with a planet here. Even a Jupiter-sized planet only blocks roughly 1 percent of this kind of star’s light, and that’s about as big as a planet gets. It can’t be due to a star, either; we’d see it if it were. And the lack of a regular, repeating signal belies both of these as well. Whatever is blocking the star is big, though, up to half the width of the star itself!” says Plait.

Possibilities of Alien Life are Still Open

Possibilities of Alien Life are Still Open| Screen Grab from Invasion

Never seen anything like this before, scientists have made sure that the information is not faulty. Furthermore, the KIC 8462852 has been monitored for years now and this is the only star that’s behaving this way out of the 150,000 discovered others.

Astronomers are struggling to come up with viable reasons for the strange behavior, but they are definitely considering huge alien mega-structures and solar panels as possible explanations for such.

If the alien hypothesis does turn out to be true, then it would mean they had already completed building the whole city with solar panels by the time we were fighting off the first ever bubonic plague and founding Buddhism and Jainism on Earth.

We seriously cannot wait to see what comes next. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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