Hamas Using ‘Honey Trap’ To Hack Personal Data From Israeli Soldiers: IDF

The Israel Defense Force admitted that Hamas successfully hacked into their operations using “honey traps.” No major military secrets were stolen. Photo Credits: Flickr/idfonline

New reports indicate that Palestinian terror group Hamas hacked the mobile phones of Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldier. The tactic involved pictures of young women to lure in the soldiers. Then, via online chats, would gain espionage access to the victim’s personal data.

The militants would steal picture of women and create fake social media profiles. Then, they would message IDF personnel, eventually persuading them to download a particular messaging app. After downloading, the app made information on the mobile phones vulnerable to unauthorized access.

How Did Hamas Hack the Mobile Phones of IDF Soldiers?

Hamas would use slang and Israeli names to trick IDF personnel into trusting the profiles. The problem had become so bad that the IDF even produced a training video to educate their soldiers how to detect these “honey traps” in the future. The IDF also disclosed that Hamas did not successfully steal any major military secrets. They did, however, used the gathered information to figure out IDF maneuvers in Gaza, NBC noted.

The IDF said in a video that they “found tens of undercover figures” whose purpose was to steal classified information. The figures successfully gained access, spoke about confidential issues and even installed viruses in dozens of mobile phones. The IDF released the said video last Wednesday.

An IDF soldier recounted how it happened. He said that a woman sent him a message on Facebook one day. They had spoken a lot over the course of a few days. Then, the “woman” informed him that she had previously served in the army prison unit.

He lamented that they had become closer and closer and he began to know more about her. After she told him to download a certain messenger app, though, he realized that it was not a woman he had speaking to. In fact, it was Hamas.

The general ease by which espionage happens on the web is disturbing. If even the IDF is vulnerable to such crafty attacks, then other organizations, military or otherwise, should really double their efforts. Terrorist knowledge of troop movements in places of conflict, like Gaza, can only end with even more bloodshed.

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