#hairgate is iPhone 6’s latest problem

#hairgate is iPhone 6's latest problemIt’s been less than a month since Apple announced its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, however, both the phones have seen its fair share of problems.

First it was iPhone 6 Plus with the #Bendgate problem where users complained that their newly bought Apple phablets were bending easily, especially when kept in their pockets for a long period. And now, it’s the #hairgate problem where users report that their hair on the head as well as their beard gets caught in the phone’s seam while talking on the phone.

Apparently, some users are saying that their hair gets caught in the gap between the aluminum and glass enclosure. So, many of them are in pain as their newly bought iPhones rip off their hair.

As you can see, this is a very unusual problem and in fact, we believe that if it had been a phone from any other manufacturer, this wouldn’t have turned into a hot issue. However, this is Apple that we are talking about and hence, everything about the company is always in focus.

Like the #bendgate problem, users have taken to social networking websites like Twitter to poke fun of the newly discovered issue. While some are busy complaining about the pain they had to endure because of iPhone #hairgate, others are just using the opportunity (once again) to make fun of the Cupertino giant.

Some of the tweets are given below,

However, there are certain users who don’t think this is a big issue, for example,

There have been many phones, even ones from Samsung which had a small gap in its seam. However, even if users had this kind of a problem, it wasn’t a big issue, because it was not Apple.

So, what started from a few complaints at the 9to5 Mac forums is now an issue for every iPhone 6 user. We don’t think #hairgate will trend as long as #bendgate given the nature of the problem, but still we expect a lot more tweets making fun of the company’s new phones.

So, do you think iPhone #hairgate is a big issue? Did you face the above problem as some other iPhone 6 users?

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