Gun control law shuts down gun buyback plan

Gun control law shuts down gun buyback planDuring this year’s legislative session in Colorado, Democrats unilaterally pushed through a series of gun control measures despite widespread opposition from law enforcement officials and the state’s residents; however, now it appears the law is having unintended consequences by prohibiting gun buyback programs, which have long been a favorite of gun control proponents.

During the last legislative session, Colorado saw a series of extremely partisan bills passed by Democratic lawmakers, who control both chambers of the state house. Among these were series of gun control bills that were passed after Vice President Joe Biden make a trip to the state to persuade lawmakers to vote for the bills which President Obama reportedly wanted passed to use as model legislation for other states to follow.

Among the laws was a ban on the sale of magazines containing over 15 rounds. However, ignoring the concerns of law enforcement officials the law effectively bans the sale all magazines regardless of size by prohibiting the sale of any magazine which can be readily converted. Since all magazines have a removable plate to ease in cleaning this restriction essentially applies to all magazines.

The legislature also passed a requirement that all transfers of firearms must undergo a background check, even for sales involving private dealers.

Recently organizers of a gun buyback program in Boulder County were forced to cancel the event after County Sheriff Joe Pelle said it would be nearly impossible to do. “Procedurally we can’t follow through at this time,” Pelle told the Post, even though he admitted the buyback program will be perfectly legal.

The problem is the background requirement check mandates each “purchaser” undergo a background check for each sale. This would mean that every gun turned in under the gun buyback program would need to go to a separate background check for each transaction. However, the “Instacheck” is not portable and in order to conduct the program organizers would have to be conducted at a local gun dealer.

Despite the organizers turning the guns over to police, authorities say the law does not allow for exceptions even in this instance.

The new revelation regarding the gun buyback program is sure to add fuel to the controversy surrounding the laws. During the legislative session the state’s sheriffs were unanimously opposed to the new gun control laws saying they were unconstitutional, on enforceable and unworkable.

Following passage of the laws, a majority of the state’s sheriffs, as well as disabled individuals filed a lawsuit against the state citing among other things that the laws violate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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